From the beginning, our goal with Longevity Coffee® has been to do the impossible: create the world’s lowest acid, certified organic, fair trade, mycotoxin-free, crash-free, digestive upset-free, freshly-roasted superfood coffee beans that rival the delicious flavors and complexity found only in gourmet restaurants and coffee shops. After years of research and development, the future of coffee has finally arrived.


What Makes Longevity Coffee So Special?

  • Low Acid

    Hot or cold, you will experience no stomach upset or headaches with Longevity Coffee®. Our proprietary Arabica bean cultivation and roasting process creates the lowest chorogenic-acid coffee on the market!

  • Rich in Flavor

    Certified 100% organic and mycotoxin free, Longevity Coffee® is comprised of only the highest quality, wash-processed, shade grown, hand-picked beans, and is a perfect delivery vehicle for your favorite herbal blends.



Why are Some Coffees so Hard to Digest?

In our search for amazing new coffee beans, we uncovered something equally amazing, that isn’t being talked about by other coffee retailers. What is it?

Chlorogenic acid.

So why does this odd sounding acid matter when it comes to buying and drinking coffee? As it turns out, chlorogenic acid is the true source of the adverse health effects of coffee! We’re talking about the bitterness of coffee, as well as side effects like indigestion, heartburn, and acid reflux. It’s been proven that these effects are NOT due to the mycotoxins in coffee, it’s the chlorogenic acid levels that matter (specifically CQA 3, 4, and 5).

An average cup of coffee has 5-6 mg/mL of chlorogenic acid. Longevity Coffees® measure as low as .0171 mg/ml – extraordinarily lower than the rest of the industry!

So, what is the key to accomplishing a low chlorogenic acid coffee? Longevity Coffee® has developed a proprietary washing and roasting process that no one else comes even close to. It results in smooth, rich tasting coffee that doesn’t cause any gastrointestinal distress. But don’t take our word for it…Taste, and feel, the difference low chlorogenic acid coffee makes in your body!

Did you know that stomach distress is reported by as much as 25% of the coffee drinking public? Now we know why!


The World’s Healthiest Coffee™

  • 100% organic and fair trade. (FTO)
  • Lowest chlorogenic acid coffee available.
  • Shade grown. (The only sustainable method of coffee growing.)
  • Wash processed. Not dry processed.
  • Hand picked at the peak of ripeness. (No green coffee cherry allowed!)
  • Proprietary air roasting process. Not drum roasted. 
  • Consistent, delicious flavor.

Longevity Coffee® has been on a mission, searching the globe for new coffee beans that met our incredibly strict standards. Why? Because we know you loved the health benefits of our two original Longevity Coffees®, yet sometimes craved deeper flavor options.

We looked everywhere for Arabica beans that were organic, low acid, toxin free, grown in optimal natural conditions, and hand-picked – superfood coffee beans worthy of the Longevity Coffee® name. We then took these beans and processed them with our proprietary roasting method to create the lowest chlorogenic acid coffees anywhere!

After a true labor of love, we are so proud to introduce you to our new Longevity Coffee® flavors. Whether you love your coffee hot or iced, come get to know the newest members of our coffee family!


Meet the New Flavors

Longevity Coffee® Midnight Blend (Dark Roast)

Hailing from Timor, Colombia, and Nicaragua, this intense blend will be the favorite of all dark coffee lovers. It’s unforgettable, richly textured aroma has a bittersweet chocolate flavor with notes of caramel, hazelnut, and black pepper.

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Longevity Coffee® Roaster’s Reserve (Medium Roast)

A fusion of Ethiopian and Colombian beans, this bold blend boasts flavors of old fashioned malted chocolate, ripe plum, and a melange of Silk Road spices. With its nuanced floral notes, this rich, full-bodied coffee is one you will not soon forget.

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Longevity Coffee® Sunrise Blend (Light Roast)

A carefully balanced blend of Sumatran, Chiapas, and Oaxacan coffees creates a tangy start followed by a little white pepper and sweet butter caramel on the finish. If you like Mocha Java, you’ll LOVE our Sunrise Blend. It is clean and bright on the palate.

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Longevity Coffee® Decaffeinated (Medium-to-Dark Roast)

Oaxacan coffee beans are processed via a proprietary, chemical free method resulting in a 99.9% caffeine free coffee. (Industry standard is 85%!) This incredibly smooth blend opens with the taste of sweet dark fruit and finishes with notes of dark chocolate. If you’ve been looking for a coffee with less caffeine but all the flavor, you’ve found it!

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  • Certified Organic.

  • Fair Trade.

  • Low Chlorogenic Acid.

  • Shade Grown. (The only sustainable method of coffee production.)

  • Hand Picked at the Peak of Ripeness. (No green coffee cherry allowed!)

  • Wash Processed. (Not dry processed.)

  • Proprietary Roasting Process. (Not drum roasted.)

  • Consistent, Delicious Flavor.

  • Perfect Compliment to our Herbal Blends

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