Longevity // Intensive


Friday, March 4 – Sunday, 6th, 2016
The Hyatt Regency Westlake, CA

Limited Seating for this Intimate Event:

250 Participants Only

Based on the incredible success of The Longevity Now® Conference and the feedback we’ve been given from hundreds of participants, the concept of a smaller, more “intensive” weekend event was born.

Bestselling Nutrition/Health/Beauty Expert David “Avocado” Wolfe and Chinese Tonic Herbal Master Ron Teeguarden, will present ‘The Longevity Lifestyle Program’ in which they reveal their most profound health strategies for whole body balance, detox, immunology, mental strength, and radiant physical health. Ask your most pressing questions and spend quality time with these two health leaders at this intimate, 250 person event.

Enjoy three spectacular days of cutting-edge information, community, and personal growth that will change your life and activate your innate ability to achieve peak performance and superior health. This up-close and personal event is designed to give you the optimal educational experience with two of the most widely recognized experts in the wellness arena.

You’ll walk away from this weekend feeling empowered, energized, and ready to take action!

Receive a FREE gift bag worth over $75 of superfoods, super herbs, delicious chocolate, and more!

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Ticket Price: $697

Come join 250 of your soon-to-be closest friends as David Wolfe and Ron Teeguarden reveal their brand new ‘Longevity Lifestyle Program‘. This never before presented information will have you looking and feeling your best!

The Longevity Lifestyle Program

At the Longevity Intensive™, David Wolfe and Ron Teeguarden will present their brand new program that covers from A-to-Z, the most powerful protocols for you to experience total cell rejuvenation, safe and effective detoxification, immunology, mental strength, and radiant physical heath. 

David Wolfe

The Health/Eco/Nutrition/Natural Beauty Expert, Bestselling Author, and Celebrity Spokesperson for The Nutribullet® has compiled his latest cutting-edge information, as well as 20 years of research, into this dynamic presentation. Learn how to support your entire immune system, as well as every other system in your body all the way down to the cellular level.
‘The Six Essential Steps for Activation’ includes the keys to create:

  • Super Immunity

  • Complete Cellular Cleansing and Rejuvenation

  • Safe and Effective Detoxification

  • Mental and Physical Strength and Peak Performance

Ron Teeguarden

The Tonic Chinese Herbalism Master, Author of the classic herbalism books ‘Chinese Tonic Herbs’ and ‘The Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese Tonic Herbs” and co-founder of Dragon Herbs will be sharing his insights into Chinese Herbalism, the most sophisticated and effective herbal system in the world which differs from other herbal systems in that it emphasizes the promotion of health rather than the elimination of disease.  
Learn how to overcome mental and physical stress; find out how to support, balance, and regulate the immune system; and be there when Ron reveals ‘The Art of Radiant Health’:

  • How to assist the positive and eliminate the noxious

  • How to achieve perfect balance in the body and mind

  • How to establish mental, physical, and spiritual harmony that enables you to activate genius

  • How to live in harmony with nature in a way that promotes health and longevity

Your Ticket Gives You Total Access To:

The Longevity Intensive™ Meet & Greets

Enjoy unprecedented access to David Wolfe and Ron Teeguarden on both Friday and Saturday night at the exclusive Longevity Intensive™ Meet & Greets! Spend time chatting with your fellow like-minded health enthusiasts, enjoy a selection of delicious organic appetizers, and ask Dave and Ron your most pressing questions in a laid-back and personal setting

Receive a FREE GIFT at each Meet and Greet!


Book Signings

Get up close and personal with David Wolfe and Ron Teeguarden.  Say hello and get all your favorite books signed!

Eco-Conscious Exhibitors

The Longevity Intensive™ champions a select group of exhibitors whose products contribute to the superior health and well-being of others, enhance peak performance, and are both eco-friendly and sustainable. 


Exhibitors display a wide range of products such as organic, raw, and vegan foods; organic herbs, teas, and supplements; natural living products; longevity technologies; and media selections. Speak one-on-one with representatives from these amazing companies and sample their products. Take home the products that are perfect for YOU!


Join us for FREE yoga in the morning with Andrew Fox before the presentations.

Enjoy some restorative time to reset your nervous system and help release deeply held tensions from the body and mind. Stretch with intentional movement is a GREAT way to start your day!

Please bring your own yoga mat. Limited space available. First come, first serve.

Andrew J. Fox is the founder of TrueLife Fitness & Wellness, Inc., a corporation that for the last 20 years has offered personal training, nutritional counseling and wellness coaching. With a B.S. in Sports Management with a Minor in Fitness and Wellness, a Masters in Exercise Science and Health Promotion, a Doctorate in Holistic Nutrition as well as a Certified Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Coach and Performance Specialist, his education matches his 20 years of experience to bring results to his clients. Author of Balanced Life & Get Skinny! The Organic Way, Andrew cares about each and every person he works with and is committed to getting his clients results.

Free Giveaways

Walk away with thousands of dollars in free prizes from some of our most popular exhibitors!



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Ticket Price: $697

Services Offered

Just Breath Massage with Yann Stephant
Originally from Brittany, France, Yann Stephant has practiced massage for over 10 years. He applies a simple, yet unique technique, combining Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage, and Soothing Touch methods, along with the influence from years of dedication to Ashtanga yoga, to unwind the body and relax the mind.

Yann ALWAYS books up at, so be sure to make your appointment with him now! You may pre-book by calling Yann at: 1-805-448-2011. If he doesn’t answer, he may be working with a client, so leave a message and he will get back to you as soon as possible.

IV Nutrient Therapy with Shine Natural Medicine
IV Nutrient Therapy is a safe and effective therapy that provides 100% absorption of vital vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Whether you need a boost to stay focused and energized during the event, want to prevent a cold from all your travel, or want a premier anti-aging cocktail with glutathione, come see the Shine Natural Medicine booth for your liquid gold. Bathe your cells in the amazingness of IV Nutrient Therapy.

To schedule a session at The Longevity Intensive™, simply email

Appointments are available from 4:30pm-9:30pm Friday, 8:30am through 9pm Saturday, and 8:30am through 6pm Sunday.

Book now because these spots fill up quickly!

General Conference Schedule

4:00pm: Registration Open and Exhibitor Hall Open

5:00pm – 7:00pm: Meet & Greet

7:30pm – 9:30pm: Speaker Presentations

7:30am – 8:30am: Yoga with Andrew Fox

8:30am: Conference Doors Open

9:00am – 11:30am: Presentations

11:30am – 1:00pm: Lunch Break and Book Signing

1:00pm – 2:45pm: Presentations

2:45pm – 4:00pm: Break and Book Signings

4:00pm – 6:00pm: Presentations

6:30pm – 8:00pm: Meet & Greet

7:30am – 8:30am: Yoga with Andrew Fox

8:00am: Exhibitor Hall Opens

8:30am: Conference Doors open

9:00am – 11:30am: Presentations

11:30am – 1:00pm: Lunch Break and Book Signings

1:00pm – 2:45pm: Presentations

2:45pm – 4:00pm: Break and Book Signing

4:00pm – 6:00pm: Presentations

6:30pm: Exhibitor Hall Closes

Stay with us at the hyatt regency westlake

We encourage you to stay onsite to get the most out of the event.

Book your room by Clicking HERE or calling 1-888-421-1442. Early bird pricing on our room block has sold out. 

All conference participants receive FREE parking at the event!

Join our Volunteer Team!

There are openings in the Longevity Intensive Volunteer program for high energy, service-oriented superheroes and superheroines. Working at the conference is a great way to meet new people, to have fun, and to learn about the latest longevity technologies.

As a member of our amazing Volunteer Team, you are an integral part of the education of the health and well-being of hundreds of people. If you enjoy being “ON” and love to help others, we would like to hear from you!

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